Bread and Wine

I have been waiting for this book for months from our local library.  I am a faithful Splendid Table listener.  (I discovered Stitcher, a radio app, about a year ago. It is an awesome compilation of podcasts

Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes, GF Version

We have a blizzard raging here.  Yesterday I was in short sleeves, bare feet and got a sunburn on the soccer field.  I LOVE, sincerely, Springtime in the Rockies. With snow, pancakes are in order right? Matt

If Mama Ain’t Happy, ain’t nobody happy!

You ever have those days when everything seems to make you grouchy?  Those days you are COMPLETELY justified to react the way you are.  For me, yesterday was it.  I woke up to a little person tugging

I’m Perfect

It seems Colorado can’t make up it’s mind lately; at least where the weather is concerned.  We had an abundance of snow earlier this week and now, today 70! (Do you like my mountain view from soccer

An Introvert’s Nightmare…gone right

I had the privilege of attending a conference this weekend at the Estes Park YMCA.  Back in February, during a work brain break (hey, kids just don’t need them!) I noticed a link from a blogger friend.