Musings from Starbucks

20150820_141624Time off does wonders for the soul.

Aside from getting much needed rest and checking off the “to do” list, it affords a different pace.  With that change in pace, oftentimes for me, comes perspective.

I was getting sucked into the lie that said, “You must just do one more thing.”  For me, that lie spread across work, home, housework, laundry, and parenting.

I was literally “just one more thinging” myself to death.

20150719_132357So while on break last week (not really vacation–that only comes when you are sans kids near a pool I think), I made a few mental notes and changes to my life.

Self discovery one: I can’t do it all.  Just one more thing really isn’t just one more thing.  The list will never end. There will always be one more thing to do.  In Elsa’s famous words, “Let it frickin go!”

Self discovery two: Turn it off.  Yep, technology that is.  When the work day is done, turn it off and leave it off.  That includes removing work email from my cell phone. I had no idea how liberating it was to not look at the little box pop up on my screen.

Self discovery three:  I have to run.  In the morning. When I wait until the afternoon to work out, it’s a crapshoot.

Self discovery four:  Just say thanks.  There are a thousand things I notice are out of place, I want, I need and I don’t have.  Rather than focusing on those things constantly, I have taken to remembering a little ditty from my childhood.  (Thank you Psalty the Singing Songbook!)  “Just be thankful for the good things that you got. For the good things that you got are for many just a dream.  Just be thankful for the good things that you got.”

These are not earth shattering discoveries. Heck, I’ve made these before in a past season of life.  YET apparently I didn’t learn my lesson.

I am aware, how fleeting this life is.  I recently heard someone say (Bill Hybels I think) that the grass in my front yard will outlive me.  Reality check.

So there you go…musings this late August day at a local Starbucks.

Summer Running

20150810_083927I’ve come back to running this summer.  The weather turned warm and I needed to do something just for me.

Running looks different today than in past seasons of my life.  I used to race. I used to have big goals. I checked many of those things off my list.  I did them.

20150815_083357This summer, running often includes a podcast.  I got hooked on Serial.  And yes, I realize that was so last year.  I listened to music.

I put one foot in front of the other.  My pace is slower.  My legs feel heavier but the trail is so forgiving.

IMG_20150816_074629For my own encouragement to keep going, I take a running selfie in the middle of each of my outdoor runs.  I looked through my camera roll a few days ago.  I really do live in one of the most beautiful places.

This season has been long but the days are so very short.  I’ll keep putting one step in front of the other on these trails.  Because I’m worth it.

running quote


I wish we could capture smell with a photograph.  Wafting smells of baked confections combined with salty seawater and rows of flowers–downtown Seattle is a cacophony of wonderment.


Piroshky Piroshky at Pike Place Market- definitely not gluten free but worth the long wait in line for a bite


Our favorite thing of all in Seattle was the Chihuly Gardens–this glassblower artist produced some of the most amazing sculptures we’ve ever seen!  If you get your arm stamped, head back at night to see the glass lit up.  Breathtakingly beautiful!



20150712_204845Unfortunately the night we decided to head up the Space Needle with our 6 pm reservation, two of the three elevators were out of order.  Rather than working to accommodate the hundreds of people with just space needle reservations, the staff at the Space Needle decided those with dinner reservations took preference.  We waited over 2 1/2 hours to get to the the top.  The view was pretty spectacular at the top but we felt rather let down after such a long and belabored wait!

20150714_151337The city has its own kind of beauty and color.  While I realized after two days of walking the streets of Seattle that I am most definitely a country girl, I find the sites of the city fascinating.  I did not find the blatant begging of people at every corner as fascinating.  Seattle has a HUGE homeless issue and I was stunned at how open people are to stand there and ask you for money.  It was on almost every corner, all day, all night.


I am a Duck Boat Tour fan.  In my opinion, it’s one of the best ways to hear the history of the city and you always get to be on the water.  Seattle’s Duck tour was no exception.  We even saw the famous gray house from “When Harry Met Sally.”


The restaurants in Seattle were simply divine.  Gluten Free, vegan, fresh, farm to table produce.  I loved them!  This little place, The London Plane, was no exception.  While sitting is this perfect cafe environment, I enjoyed my cold pressed coffee with a trio of vegetable hummus.  Yum!20150713_112749One final highlight was the EMP museum. While I’m not a football fan in any life, I did enjoy the Seahawk exhibit. The quote below stood out to me…perhaps it will be my mantra this next school year!

20150712_122216I have to give a shout out to my friend, Kathie Delph. She sent me two amazing lists–things to do and places to eat.  Those guides were my lifeline to seeing this city as a local does.  Amazing recommendations. If you travel to Seattle, shoot me a message and I’ll get those lists to you!




seattle.wa.hiking days

20150710_125215Matt and I were able to get away for a vacation/work combo trip this past weekend.  My only other experience with this city was a turn and burn trip to Tacoma years ago.

20150710_162229Everyone was raving about the sun here–truly an unexpected event.  We brought all the rain Colorado had stolen from Seattle back with us.  Alas, it’s been raining since we’ve arrived.

20150710_185928This city is a perfect blend of so many of our favorite things–amazing organic local food, trails filled with hills and waterfalls, good will foundations and museums, and farmer’s markets.


20150711_092342Pike Place Market was a hands down favorite of mine.  I found the best little gluten free bakery, Cinnamon Spot, that delivered these monstrous pumpkin cookies. The smells of bakeries combined with fish and seawater made for a  bouquet of the market.  This was one time I didn’t mind the throngs of people shuffling at snail pace.




And the coffee…this place has it all.  We hit the newest Starbucks creation–the Reserve. Think a wine tasting for coffee beans. Those salespeople took their job VERY seriously!


These signs were my favorite.  I’ve never seen one in any city I’ve traveled. BUT they absolutely nailed the critical need of a bathroom for ALL. 20150710_195446We walked this city from one end to the other–logging close to 12-14 miles/day.  Playing tourist is hard work!



I’m headed back home this fourth.

20150704_113600Home from a fast trip to Ohio to be with my family.

About a week ago this trip wasn’t even a thought.  Grandpa was headed to surgery and we hoped for the best.

20150704_124444Medical diagnosis can be scary, very scary.  Any time you hear the word “terminal” in a sentence from a doctor, you know the diagnosis is not good.

Terminal means final, done, complete.

So I got on a plane to spend time with my beloved grandfather.  Time to talk and share love and hugs.  Time to speak words and history.

Our family gathered around him, sharing memories and words of advice.

It was a short time but one filled with great memories.

While terminal is still lingering throughout the unspoken words, I am thankful I believe that terminal doesn’t mean good bye for good.  It means, “see you later.”