Pinterest: Hits and Misses

I like the site.  A lot.  In fact, I went through a period of time where I had to just cut myself off from it.  Remove the App from my phone and take a break.

I’m happy to say I’m back at it; this time in moderation.

So I thought I’d share some of my Pinterest successes and failures.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Black Bean Brownies:  SUCCESS.  My kids did not know the base of this brownie.  Here’s the one caveat I’ll provide with these.  Maybe we all just had the stomach flu but if eaten in excess, excess will occur. I’ll let your imagination take you there.
  • Zucchini Brownies:  SUCCESS.  Here’s a small tip. ADD more honey…or agave nectar (about 1/3 cup more).  Leave out all spices except the cinnamon. Super cut up the zucchini.  I.E. Grate it and then cut it.
  • Pumpkin Slow Cooker Granola:  FAIL. I was really gunning for this as I make homemade granola all the time and I get tired of sweeping all the little bits off my kitchen floor when I’m transferring it to various containers.  I will say one thing about this FAIL.  I used homemade pumpkin puree.  Maybe that’s why it came out gooey.  I also had it in for 1 hour and it started to burn (the recipe said HIGH for 4 hours).  Again, my slow cooker is SUPER OLD so maybe that’s why.  I’m bummed this didn’t work.
  • No Bake Peanut Butter Pie:  SUCCESS and FAIL.  Depends on how you look at this one.  It turned out EXACTLY like the recipe said.  Unfortunately, I really want chocolate with my peanut butter and the bananas overpowered the entire dessert.  I came to this conclusion:  sometimes you just have to have the real thing.
  • Beer Crockpot Chicken:  SUCCESS!!!!  This will become a regular dish at our home. SUPER easy and SUPER yummy. I used a whole chicken.  The sauce is amazing and we had it with broccoli and wild rice.

Okay, enough recipes.  Here are a few other things I found.

  • 17 Steps to make your life easier:  SUCCESS.  I won’t bore you with all steps.  Click on the link to read the entire thing.  BUT now that it’s cold out and the heat is one, shaving with conditioner (or baby oil) has been a HUGE in my anti itch, smooth legs routine.  Your loved one will thank you.
  • Make Up Dupe list: SUCCESS.  I hate purchasing new make up. When I find colors I like, I stick with them forever.  Unfortunately, MAC make up isn’t in the budget right now.  So…I punched in the back label on my blush, Sunbasque, if you’re curious, and boom, bam, found something almost the same for HALF the price at my local Walgreens.  WIN!
  • Run less:  SUCCESS.  I found the running tips in here to be great.  A favorite one was the link to some great treadmill workouts.  Again, with the cold weather, a 40 lb child and MANY, MANY hills in my neighborhood, I’ve been on the treadmill a lot more.
  • Chandelier Christmas Decorating:  SUCCESS.  I tried this over my kitchen table.  It turned out super cute.

So there you go, a few of my greatest Pinterest Hits and Misses.  I’ll be back in a few weeks with some more fun stuff.  Currently I’m working on creating car bags for the 22 HOUR car ride (One way) we have coming up next week.

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  1. I love this post. I also love Pinterest. Thanks for the recommendations and warnings. I like it when I can avoid the failures. I haven’t seen any of these so I am looking forward to trying some of them.

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