This has been a hectic week for us. School ended Wednesday for Caroline (Tobin was out last week—still trying to figure out why the schools can’t coordinate the “last day” so everyone has it the same…I digress).

I have been so tired. I think the year has caught up with me. I have this perpetual voice in my head that is always calling on the next thing to do. Paint the laundry room (I was so sick of those tired white walls). Wash the car (Tobin’s “designs” made out of snot were getting a bit gross). Clean the floors, wash the dishes, make cookies…the list never stops does it?

Today I had enough. After a hectic morning (which I made of my own choosing…seriously, do kids really need to go to the pool, and the park and Costco in a three hour period?) I put everyone to bed and climbed in myself.

Ten minutes later, I got up and did my hair (the blow dryer and me have been having a time out for the past week—the baseball cap needed a bath though!). And I feel different. I am rested and at peace. I’m tucking away the voices that need to “do more” for the rest of the afternoon. I plan on playing outside with my kids (who are only going to be this size for a minute longer). I’ll get to the dinner plans, I’ll get to chores. The just don’t need to be done now. For now, I need to rest.

  1. Wendi

    Excellent post! I couldn’t agree more…and I thought I was the only one who tried to do the pool, park, and Costco all in one morning :-) …thanks for your candor.

  2. Wendi

    oops…and the book I’m reading (per your comment) is Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren.
    I certainly understand conviction…which seems to multiply with each child :-) …best wishes for dealing…

  3. Anne

    Hi. Thanks for posting on my blog a while back. Sorry for the delayed response! I think that it is SO cool that you are also into running. My husband and I LOVE to run. Don’t have much time for it these days, with the kiddos, but we do still get out there. Did I read on one of your posts that you actually have a trainer/coach? I am jealous. I am my own coach these days, and not a very good one it turns out. does wonders for me though; that and!
    Congrats on your adoption journey! Oh, and I am originally from Denver. I try to get out there once a year to visit family. Maybe we can meet some time. :)

  4. Craig & Cindy

    I can totally sympathize. I have a perpetual voice and list in my head as well and I don’t even have children yet! :)



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