Sunday Morning

014Matt spent the night at the hospital last night so I could get a full night’s sleep last night. I crashed with the kids around 8 pm and slept solidly until 7 am this morning.  Sleep has never felt so heavenly and refreshing.  I feel like a new person and ready to handle what the day brings.

I have not spoken to Matt this morning yet about the baby.  I will be going there soon to trade spots with him for the next 24 hours. 

Please pray for our two oldest.  Last night Tobin collapsed in tears.  He is really feeling this crazy life last night (and that prompted my decision to be home with him for the entire night).  He is tired and doesn’t complete understand what is going on.  Caroline, being almost 8, understands and knows why things are as they are.  Pray for understanding for Tobin and an extra measure of patience for all giving them care while we continue to be apart.

Matt reminded me a few days ago of one of the attributes of God.  He is the God of comfort.  I was thinking last night, when did he create comfort?  He knew that living in this world with all its pain, we would desperately need comfort.  As I’ve held Desta through many painful procedures these past several days, I’ve whispered that prayer of comfort over her.  It is hard to see my child, who I’ve only known in person 3 weeks, look at me with those huge brown eyes and cry in pain as she is poked and poked again.  I have to keep coming back to the word, Comfort.  The wonderful thing is that every time the procedure concludes, I can immediately put her in my arms. She stops crying and the two of us are able to comfort each other. 

We are overwhelmed with the blessing of so many of your prayers and gifts of meals.  The meals have been AMAZING!!! and such a gift at this time.  I wish I could personally thank each and every one of you.  Please know we are blessed by your gift of hospitality at this time! 

We are especially blessed by my sister, Mindy and our friend, Madison. The two of them have come together and given us invaluable care of our two oldest.  Thank you both for being willing to step in and help when we can’t be here.  You are a gift!

As an aside, I was able to attend Tobin’s belt test yesterday evening for his taekwondo. He earned his yellow belt last night and we are so proud of him!  I have attached a photo of him during the test. 

I’ll have Matt update on Desta when he gets home today.

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  1. In a twisted way, the pain that Desta is experiencing and the comfort you are giving is bonding you together. I know it’s not the preferred way of bonding but God is using even this for the good of those that love Him! Praying for your family to be reunited soon.

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