That cry

Desta turned 10 months old on Monday.  With our current pace in life we did nothing to celebrate.  I have a feeling this little girl will think cake is AMAZING come her first birthday celebration.  She LOVES anything sweet and turns her cute little nose up to anything with any semblance of green in it!  She must be taking lessons from her big brother.

She’s been doing really well at the gym childcare.  We have our little routine. Mommy drops her off, gives the bottle to the childcare worker and heads off to her run.  An hour later Desta sees mommy, comes home, takes a nap and all is well with the world.

Not today.  Gym time, bottle, home, nap.  All normal. Then that cry.  The cry I heard when we first got home. The cry that said don’t leave me, I’m sad, I’m scared.  Just hold me.  The cry that breaks my heart every time I hear it.

So this mommy put aside all her tasks for the morning and held her baby girl.  Yep, for over an hour we sat on the floor and watched Signing Time, over and over again.

And then, she was fun.  Hopped off my lap (well, actually pushed me away with her chubby little hands) and started exploring the fun world of dirt, lint and small pieces of paper.

I didn’t “hop” off as fast as she did. See, every time she cries that cry and I hold her, Desta lets go of a piece of that fear and I take it for her, holding it in my heart. It’s not easy.  BUT I’m her mommy and that’s what mommies do, we help our children become strong, healthy and whole.

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