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Thursday Photos from Ethiopia

Today our group visited the Kids Care Orphanage where some of the children in our group lived prior to their adoptions. It was an interesting and emotional experience to watch the orphanage kids come up and hug/high five their friends who came to visit with their new family.

Madeline made lots of friends with her sticker book–putting little soccer balls and cars all over the kids. Within 30 minutes, the grounds of the orphanage were filled with candy and gum wrappers and used sticker sheets.

Matt met with an older child who is being adopted by a family in the U.S. It was wonderful to see her face light up when we gave her the care package, and showed her the carefully put together photo album given to her by her new family.

If I could coin a new term from this trip, I think it would be “adoption face” or something similar. The older children who know they are being adopted smile in such a way that you feel the sun is shining through their little faces. It’s not like any other kind of happiness or joy that you see in a child. It’s not a smile from laughing or just being amused or content. It is the expression of unbounded joy at being united with their family. It is, in the strongest sense of this word, awesome.

Out of respect for the privacy of the children, we are not going to post any of the pictures from today’s visit, but below are some shots of Melodie and Desta back at the hotel.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Photos from Ethiopia”

  1. The last photo is the best! Sleeping babies are the cutest things in the world and that little tongue sticking out is adorable. You’re doing such a great job explaining the adoption process in Ethiopia. Can’t wait to have you home so we can see this little one in person!

  2. She is so gorgeous and I can’t wait to meet her. You are such a natural mother Melodie. I love the description of the “adoption face.” It brought tears to my eyes thinking of the great things you and all of the families you’ve met are doing for these children. I look forward to meeting baby Desta. She is just gorgeous and looks adorable in her outfit and headband. :)

  3. Hi Monbergs!
    I found your blogspot from the Reed’s blog. I have been praying for you and sweet little Desta. It appears that God has answered big time!! She looks just precious.
    Praying for the journey home and adjusting to your “new normal” with little Desta.
    God’s blessings and grace to you,

    Beaverton, Oregon

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