A few changes and this week is hands down a winner so far!

It happened.  I broke down.  Desta is daycare for the next two weeks.

She was super cranky, super bored and getting into everything.  My to do list remained 10 miles long with not one cross off.  The older two kids were nipping and irritated with each other.  It was a bad scenario last week.

This week with Desta entertained with her friends and teachers has been a dream.  She comes home so happy.  She got her words in.  My older two are tired out with soccer camp and VBS.  I have been able to do yoga every day and then start checking off that list.

It feels good to be so successful during the summer. We are eating meals again, drinking some fantastic summer drinks (try this one, watermelon cocktail…super easy, super yummy and just fun to have on the table) and hanging out.

After surrendering my guilt about putting Desta back in her little school, I realized a few things.  1.  She likes her daycare.  2.  She is very social and daycare really helps fill that component of her life.  3.  We all need a break from each other.  24 hours with Mommy having to entertain her is tough.  4.  2 year old’s are extremely busy 5.  Life is a lot better when we all realize and do those things that are life giving and good for us!

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