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GF Baking…here I come!

Today I made my once every three month gluten free investment in all things related to GF baking.

Turns out, Colorado Springs comes in a WHOLE lot cheaper than Fort Lauderdale in this department.  I ONLY spent $29.16.  Not bad considering I now have all the items to make my homemade GF flour mixture (here is the link to the recipe I love).

On the docket this holiday weekend…lots of GF goodie baking.  Going to make GF biscotti, 36 hour chocolate chip cookies and this little loaf.

I find myself craving something sweet and am tired of the stomach ache that has become part of my afternoon due to consuming less than stellar, non GF options.

So here’s to the “almost” start of a super long weekend (our kids have Monday AND Tuesday off) and happy baking.

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